Our Daily Homily, Jude
by F.B. Meyer

Keep yourselves in the love of God -
Jude 1:21

There is a strong current running. If you keep in its main stream, it will bear you gently but irresistibly forward; but there are so many side-currents, that we must be very careful not to be swept out of it. You are in it by grace, now keep in it.

Build yourselves on your most holy faith. Build, not on your emotions; not on your conceptions of what may be right or wrong; not on your experience--but on the strong and massive outlines of the faith once delivered to the saints (Jud 1:3). We may well contend for it, if it is to yield the foundation of our spiritual upbuilding. In other words, you must come back, again and yet again, to the teachings of the Word of God, and specially of the life of Jesus.

Pray in the Holy Spirit.--Wait at the Divine footstool until your prayers are indicted by Him, and the spring arises from the depths of God. And whensoever you feel the inward movement of God's Spirit, yield to it. He will correct and prune from your prayers all that should not be in them. He will lead you out in intercession for others, and for the glory of Christ, of which you did not know yourself capable. To pray in the Holy Spirit is to let the Holy Spirit pray in you.

Look for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ. - Always be on the outlook. Let your soul stand on tiptoe in anticipation of His coming. Let yours be the words of the Canticles, "I sleep, but my heart waketh; it is the voice of my Beloved, that knocketh, saying, Open to me, my sister; my love, my undefiled." The heart that waits for Jesus, will not have to wait in vain. And even in the act of waiting, it will be kept in the love of God, which is also eternal life.

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