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       I apologize to all of my web visitors that I will be unable to answer any e-mails, nor read any, for the foreseeable future. Although I have faithfully kept up with my e-mails for years past, due to my poor health and the hundreds of e-mails I receive weekly, I am unable to continue at this time. I ask for your earnest prayers for my health and ministry.

I strongly encourage my web visitors to start their own ministries and freely copy/paste from my website all that you want. It's all public domain. No credit need be given. I want the truth to get out. You can download entire websites with Teleport Pro. All I ask is that my labors in the Lord not be used to make money, nor cast a negative reflection upon Christianity or the name of Jesus Christ.

Kindest regards, your webservant and friend... David J. Stewart

I DON'T post banner ads by request, nor for money. I just don't. I don't accept donations. I make no money. This is a labor of love from my heart. I love you all in the Lord whoever you may be! 

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