Student Abuse At Pensacola Christian College

by David J. Stewart | February 2022

Matthew 15:7-9, “Ye hypocrites, well did Esaias prophesy of you, saying, This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me. But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.” Psalms 109:4, For my love they are my adversaries: but I give myself unto prayer.”

      One of the most shameful abusive cults today is Pensacola Christian College (PCC). I had attended their Campus Church in 2021, but was repeatedly mistreated and verbally abused by Pastor Jeff Redlin (their incompetent senior pastor).

The CULT demands absolutely unquestioning loyalty from its members, or else you will be quickly shunned, ostracized and banned from returning, as I have been since 2021. I literally mailed three separate letters to Campus Church and PCC, begging for their forgiveness and a second chance, just so I could attend Campus Church. That low-life creep Jeff Redlin refused, throwing me under the bus. These are the scoundrels that run PCC and shame the name of Jesus Christ.

There is no love, no forgiveness, no second chances and no compassion for hurting people at PCC. When I attended Campus Church, their church services felt like dead funerals. The preaching was non-existent. Jeff Redlin and Timothy Zacharias couldn't preach their way out of a wet paper bag. There is no passion for truth or people, nor any genuine love in their message. PCC is all about the letter that killeth, but there is no Holy Spirit that giveth life. Something is woefully lacking at PCC, love.

Sadly, they are cold-hearted bastards! At PCC the system always comes first, individual people do not matter. I have heard that same truthful accusation from former PCC students, hurt people like me who attended their cult, and others.

Here is the testimony of one former abused PCC Student, and his indictment against Pensacola Christian College's ongoing hatred and abuse of people...

As a former student at Pensacola Christian College.....
Yes. I did go to Pensacola Christian College. After my experience of one semester there, I will never go back. And since I don't go there anymore, I figured I might as well share my experience of what really goes on from the inside.

When I first arrived there, it was big. . It's pretty big for a christian college. Anyway, the first few days were basically registration and getting things in order. Not to also mention a church service every night until classes began. But I'll discuss that in a little bit.

Anyway, the first thing I want to share with you is there " Work Assistance" program. You can go to this link-

It will tell you about the "wonderful opportunities" they have and Student Testimonies about how they got through college just by working there. Guys, it's all a scam. It's not going to help pay for even less that HALF of your tuition. As a student working there, they pay less than 25% of your tuition, and you have to pay the rest yourself. Yes, they pay minimum wage for hard labor and work to students who are in deep financial need. I won't tell you where i worked at, since I'm going to remain anonymous, but I can tell you that where I worked at, they treat you like they would in the real world. Crap. You get to work. And let me tell you, I almost didn't make it. I was telling myself it wasn't worth waking up early to do this job, and then have to go to classes with barely enough time to shower and get something to eat. Then I had to do the make-up chapel service, since I was one of many students who had to work. If we didn't, then we would get demerits. To sum it up, it sucked big time.

Classes, they were OK. I really didn't have a problem with it at the start. Aside from the christian principles they had, It was fine with me. Most teachers there are very smart and wise. They seem to know what they were doing. Some teachers, however, were new grads and they didn't have a clue on how to run a class. That's all I'm going to say about that.

Chapel is pretty much just like Campus Church. Only it's shorter, with announcements. Yep. We pretty much had Church everyday except for Wednesdays, which we had night service. Sometimes Chapel can be fun, but most of the time it was just like church.

Church services on Wednesday night and Sunday was like attending a funeral almost every time. It's too repetitive. When we go in, the church band would play the same thing over and over again. Then someone would come up, and conduct the church body like a choir with his hand. It was silly, and it still is. There's no real worship, no emotion. It seems like a job they wanted to do just to get over with. They looked like they were happy to be there, but I wondered if they just wanted to go home. And most of the time as I observed it, most people really didn't want to be there as well. The only thing that seem excited by the student body is the fact that they can sit next to each other.

That's one of the only freedom the students had and they didn't take advantage of that. I remember groups of 20 people going into a row of two, just to sit together. Most didn't care about church, as I've observed. They just wanted to socialize. And at the same time, they looked like they wanted to go leave as well. But we didn't have a choice. We were forced to go to Church. Sometimes we would have special guests, but most of the time it was either Pastor McBride, or Mullenix. Mullenix is someone who would put many, many people to sleep as I observed. He put me to sleep sometimes as well. Yes, he does speak on important topics, but the way he does it doesn't make it effective. I even asked one of my friends if he was ever like this and they told me that you will get used to it. I never did, so whenever he speaks, I just didn't care. Even I just wanted to go to bed. Pastor McBride was cool. Everybody pretty much likes him. But I feel that there's only so much he can do as a pastor, since the system controls what he can and can't do. One more thing. We had to dress up for every service. We couldn't leave the halls without someone spotting you for wearing the wrong thing. To me, they feel like dressing up makes you better than everyone else in the world.

Residence hall life. Now, since I was older, it really wasn't much of a problem. Yeah, we had floor leaders, but they were cool. As far as my roommates go, I can't reveal much information as I want to keep them anonymous as well. But what I can say is that for myself, I didn't care about the rules after a while. For instance, they are tight on no headphones. At first I complied, but after making some friends who knew the system and broke that rule, I bought headphones and listened to anything I wanted. I was careful about where to use them and didn't get caught. Even when I walked off campus sometimes, I would slip them on and listen to my music. Oh yeah, the music rules. You can read it here-

Yeah. They are tight about that as well. But, from what I learned, most of my friends listened to music that wasn't allowed. I even had incidents where I would walk into one of my friends rooms and they would be listening to artists like Imagine Dragons, or Bruno Mars. So, I did the same. Even for movies. I would go to an undisclosed location and use the internet to get movies or TV shows that I missed. To sum it all up, you can beat the system, but you have to be careful. Fortunate for me, I never got caught because I was.

Dress code. It wasn't a problem for me, but they are strict on what you wear. They want you to be an example as a christian and to the world. In fact, you can read everything here-

The segregation of males and females. Yes, they are serious about that as well. When I was there, most people told me that things changed, but some things stayed the same. There's a separate elevator and stairwell so that we can't walk together. There's no dating, unless we are older. At the commons they would watch people who are sitting together. There's no touching or hugging, which I've done a few times and didn't get caught. But it seems to me that people do it anyway, if they are careful. I heard a story from one of my friends that a guy and a girl had sex on campus and got caught by a security guard. Yes, they got expelled, but because of what the college stands for, that's why people do what they want. They love to enforce the rules, that it gets to a point where people just don't care anymore and do what they want. I knew people who were there for a few years and I was surprised at what they did. Some people make those choices, and whatever happens, it's on them.

The food there is good until it gets to the point where it gets sick to your stomach. That's all I'm going to say about that.

The Student Court is just ridiculous. You have to check on your computer to see if you have to go to student court. If you do, you have to wait in a long line full of students who most of them are there for no apparent reason. For example, since I was working, I couldn't go to some events. They actually have attendance cards that you have to give when you go in. If you don't, then you have to go to student court. Then you have to waste your time and tell whosoever "judging" you that you are working. Then you are on your merry way. I had to tell my boss that I was getting these notices and they should know that I was working. So they had to actually tell the office that I was working, and yet again I had to go down there again! Seriously...

But one thing bothered me a lot even before going to the college was that they really don't care about victims of rape. You can read the story here-

After what I read, I couldn't believe that a christian college who claimed to be caring would expel people because they were in a situation that they had no control of. As I read more stories of the victim, and the more time I was on the campus, I was beginning to understand that the administration has no heart. They only care about enforcing the rules, no matter what. They stick to their code, and get a paycheck at the end of the day. They don't have compassion and reach out their hand, like Jesus would and comfort them. They don't want the police involved because obviously they are a private school and don't want to ruin their reputation. They brush them off like dirt and take their money. And then the people who are responsible for doing it walk away with a degree. It's just sickening. Now, I know that some stories may not be what it seems, but is it hard to believe that PCC would turn their backs on their students? Is it?

In all, I wouldn't encourage anyone to go to this school. It's like a occult. A daily routine with no change. Even with the friendly people and some people who care, it's just not worth it. Even the most of the education there is not accredited. That means all of your hard work and money spent just goes to waste, because you can't' get a job in most places. And that's bad. I won't take anything from that college except for the friends I've made there. Like I said before, I'm not going there anymore and don't plan to. So, I decided to write about it, and I did. SOURCE

All I wanted was to come back to attend Campus Church, but their jerk senior pastor refused; so now we are enemies and I must sadly expose them for the hateful, bigoted, rotten, CULT that they are at Pensacola Christian College.

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