Which Bible Version is Best?

By David J. Stewart | April 2009

       That's easy, the King James Bible! God only wrote one Book. He didn't write three hundred Bibles for the English-speaking people.

Greedy and dishonest companies out to make a buck wrote all those versions of the Bible, evidenced by the copyright threat at the beginning of each of them. In essence, the companies who own the copyrights threaten to take you to court if you don't pay them for use of large portion of their “version.” Thankfully, the King James Bible is not copyrighted, so you can print it all you want without paying anyone.

ALL modern versions in the English-language are corrupt! The New International Version [NIV] is blasphemy, as is the English Standard Version [ESV], for they deny the deity of Jesus Christ in Philippians 2:6. The NIV even removes the word “begotten” from John 31:6.

There's no question whatsoever which Bible is the best one to use—it's the only reliable Bible today—and that's the beloved and trustworthy King James Bible. The 1769 edition of the King James Bible (which is the most widely published today) is simply a standardization of the spelling of the 1611 version, and a faithful rendering of the original manuscripts. In the 1769 edition we have the preserved, inerrant, impeccable, infallible 1611 King James Bible—the inspired Words of God.

The question is not, “Which Bible version is the best?”; but rather, “Which Bible version is God's inspired Word?” God is not the Author of confusion (1st Corinthians 14:33). God wouldn't give to us hundreds of versions to choose from, that's Satan's work. Fortunately, we have God's inspired Words in the King James Bible.

God never intended for His holy Word to read like a comic book. The NIV is demonically inspired, evidenced by the removal of the name above every other name, “Jesus,” in 38 places! The NIV completely removes the words: Godhead, Calvary, bottomless pit, Lucifer, propitiation, sodomite, fornication, omnipotent, Comforter, Holy Ghost, immutable, mercyseat, Messiah, regeneration, damnation, devils, lasciviousness, brimstone, effeminate, backbiting and many more. There were known homosexuals and lesbians on the translating committee of the NIV. Why do preachers refuse to see the evil of all this?

If you want the “best Bible,” then you need the only Bible God has preserved for us in the English-speaking Language, the precious King James Bible.

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“If America does not wake up, her tombstone will read, 'She died because her pastors substituted visions, prophecies, dreams, man’s words, and tongues for the Words of God.'” —Dr. Bob Gray Sr., “Do We Have An Every Word Bible In 2017?

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