The Dangers Of Formal Christian Education

By Dr. Peter S. Ruckman

(Truthful excerpts from Dr. Ruckman's book, "King James Onlyism Verses Scholarship Onlyism”)

       Some basic Biblical fundamentals, that deal with such education, wisdom, intellectual curiosity, divinity, authoritative verbal commands and “higher learning,” are found in Genesis 2, 3; Isaiah 28, 20; Psalms 119; 1 Corinthians 1-3; and Proverbs 8, 18, 30. These should be MEMORIZED by any layman who wishes to escape the “plague” being spread today by Christian Colleges, Universities and Seminaries (of any profession).

These basic fundamentals show that the “Author” of the Scriptures (GOD) wishes you to know seven things, and these seven things will be obscured to the maximum extent in the material we are about to examine (which actually covers more than six hundred pages, using the works of more than three hundred “qualified Christian authors”).

1. There is a Devil (Satan), and he is primarily interested in what GOD says.

2. When deceiving someone, two-thirds of what he says is true.

3. His approach is always critical so that it poses QUESTIONS.

4. He aims at a man’s pride and curiosity to get him to add to, or subtract from, what God said.

5. His aim is to make man his own “god” so he can deify his own opinions and preferences, thereby becoming his own authority, standing against God’s authority.

6. He appeals to impressive vocabularies and educated “positions” to impress the uneducated with the necessity of getting rid of the Book and replacing it with anything (“reliable translations,” Hebrew and Greek lexicons, “original autographs,” the opinions of “good, godly” men, etc.).

7. God reveals nothing to any man because of that man’s head knowledge of anything. The key to understanding the Bible, or the Author of it (God), is A BELIEVING HEART AND A HUMBLE MIND. Formal education is an addenda or a “minor” which may, or may not, help in attaining this knowledge. As we shall see in what follows, higher formal Christian education is probably the greatest hindrance to understanding the Bible of anything in which a young man could get involved, outside of Satanism and Black Magic.

The average Christian in America (professing or possessing) can never get a clear picture of what goes on behind the closed doors in a Christian Seminary or University in America for the simple reason that you have to attend the classes held there to find out what is going on. All is “above the head” of any Christian who is not “called to preach,” or at least “feels led” to investigate the “deeper things” of the Scriptures. The graduates of these Seminaries and Colleges (say, Tubingen, Cambridge, Fuller Theological Seminary, Grace Theological Seminary, Bob Jones University, Furman, Judson, Liberty University, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Baylor, Dallas Theological Seminary, Princeton, Tennessee Temple, Stetson, Gordon-Conwell, etc. Same crew, different professions) come off their chapel platforms with their mortar-boards and degrees as experts in the Alexandrian Cult: elite tradesmen, majoring in the trade terminology (see The AntiIntellectual Manifesto, 1991); human beings just a little short of “gods” (Gen. 3:1-5), fully equipped to get all Christians to place their confidence and trust in “wisdom of words” (1 Cor. 1:17, 19) as given to them in the institution from which they graduated.

The educational idea behind all of this is uniform in all institutions of “higher learning,” including all of the secular and state Universities and Colleges in North America. The educational goal is to destroy the belief in ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY coming from God and put, in its place, the relative authority of man, composed of the preferences and opinions of men who consider themselves fully equipped to be your guide instead of the Holy Bible itself. In this respect, the goals of BBC, the University of Chicago, PCC, Santa Rosa Christian Schools, New York City College, Pacific Coast Bible College, Harvard, Bob Jones University, and Berkeley (Calif.) are identical.

The motive behind this educational conspiracy is self-preservation (an animal instinct) and the “love of money” [1 Tim. 6:10] and recognition [Jude 16] carnal instincts). The fact that some of the professors are saved (while some are lost) or that the student body does or does not follow a “dress code,” or the fact that some professors say they believe in the authority of a lost pile of papers no one ever read, is immaterial to the RESULTS of their scholarship; the results are the Laodicean apostasy of 1880-1980 and the nearly total destruction of Biblical Christianity in America (see The Damnation of a Nation, 1991).

All of the weeping and wailing today from pastors and evangelists about “Where is the Lord God of Elijah?” and “We can have revival now!” and “If my people which are called by my name … etc.,” doesn’t affect anything. The crime rate doubles every other year, the divorce rate tripled in less than ten years, and the “war on drugs” looks like the “militant stand of BJU” for the Bible, or a Congress of Fundamentalists trying to bring revival to Paris or Naples. It isn’t just pathetic, it’s a looney bin.

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