Pensacola Christian College's Evil Love Of Money

By David J. Stewart | August 2022

Revelation 3:2, “Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die: for I have not found thy works perfect before God.

       There is not a more selfish, ungodly, arrogant, and wicked institution today than Pensacola Christian College (PCC) and their shameful Campus Church (on the property of PCC). Pastor Jeff Redlin is a wicked person, who is full of hatred, sinful pride and holds grudges against anyone who dares to offend him. I kindly pleaded three times in 2022 for the pastors of Campus Church and PCC to just let me attend their church, but they refused. Redlin and company won't admit it, but they are putting themselves in the place of God.

Sadly, the leadership of Pensacola Christian College (PCC) and their Campus Church (on the property of PCC) have a snobby, intolerant, unforgiving, hateful spirit toward anyone who dares to question their doctrine or policies. I live in Pensacola. I attended Campus Church for a few months in 2021, but learned quickly that their senior pastor Jeff Redlin is not a nice man.

I kindly told Pastor Redlin that my former wife sadly divorced me 15 years earlier in 2006, and that after all these years of loneliness, I hoped to find a woman at Campus Church to remarry. He immediately condemned me, scolding me for daring to even consider remarriage.

He told me in front of his own wife that if I did find a woman, he refused to perform the wedding. I felt so despised and unwanted as a new church member. In truth, I never asked him to perform any wedding. The guy freaked out about the issue!

The sad truth is that PCC are out of touch with reality, and they don't know how to treat people (and sadly don't want to learn). People don't care what you KNOW, until they know that you CARE. There is no permissive will of God at PCC, you must live a perfect life or else you will be on the outside looking in at Campus Church. PCC are a bunch of academic types who woefully lack God's compassion for people. I came to Campus Church as a 54 year old divorced man with a broken life and a hurting soul. Jeff Redlin mistreated me in his self-righteous pride. The way that you treat people matters! I was very nice to everyone at Campus Church and PCC. At PCC you will need to walk a fine line if you attend their school, dotting your i's and crossing your t's, or else they will quickly reject and ostracize you. Pastor Jeff Redlin made me feel dejected as a human being.

After I left Campus Church in frustration, I was sad and lonely over the next several months, missing the friends I had made at PCC's church. So in June and July of 2022, I wrote three separate letters, pleading respectfully for forgiveness from pastor Jeff Redlin, assistant pastor Timothy Zacharias, Campus Church and PCC for offending them in 2021. I humbly offered to do whatever they require to make peace with them. They didn't even bother to respond! That is not God's love. That is not Bible Christianity. That is hatred, a religious cult, an institution that only cares about making more money, and doesn't care or have any compassion for hurting people. Mr. Redlin gets paid a very lucrative 6-digit salary! Religious crime pays well.

Campus Church finished the fiscal year 2020 with $1,200,000 left in the bank (their yearly income was $3,500,000). Yet, when I attended Campus Church they required church members to pay $10 to attend a meeting on how to more effectively share the Gospel. That is pathetic! With all that cheddar in the bank, they still want people to pay $10 to learn how to share the Gospel more effectively. That speaks volumes about PCC's horribly wrong attitude toward Bible truth, getting lost sinners saved and the love of money. I could go on about some of the problems with Campus Church and PCC, the worst being that they are arrogant and refuse to hear any constructive criticisms. They will chop your head off like a turkey on Thanksgiving Day if you dare to question the gods who run PCC. They have a false humility.

I say this all kindly with Christ's unconditional love. I have been praying for the PCC camp, that they will see the errors of their horrible selfish ways, and welcome me back to attend their church (as I am still humbly begging them). I don't agree with some things doctrinally at PCC, but I miss my friends. Sadly, the Christian army is the only army in the world that kills its wounded. All I want is to attend Campus Church, but Jeff Redlin and PCC leadership still refuse. I don't recommend PCC for young people. The only reason I want to go back to Campus Church is because I still have some friends there, whom I miss and love. And also because PCC is an exciting place to be. I need to be around Christian people. Sadly, Jeff Redlin only cares about his little pampered world that he lives in.

Since he has a 6-digit salary, a wife, a home, lots of friends and is Big Man On Campus; what the hell does he care about a nobody like me who is hurting, broken, suffering in bodily pain, lonely without a wife and surviving on disability? Jeff Redlin doesn't give a damn! Thankfully, there is a caring omniscient God up in Heaven who sees the four heartfelt letters I have spent over 10 hours writing, which Pastor Redlin has horribly spat upon. After making me wait SIX WEEKS, Redlin finally replied to my June 17th letter on August 2nd. Jeff Redlin is not a nice man! In his email yesterday he cruelly told me that I am banned from attending Campus Church because I made “consequential” remarks on social media about him, Campus Church and Pensacola Christian College. It doesn't matter to him or Pastor Zacharias that I offered to remove all my comments from social media, with the understanding that they would allow me to come back to Campus Church. They still refused! THE TRUTH is that they just don't like me and don't want me to come back to Campus Church. It sickens me!

Here is Pastor Jeff Redlin's email (and the church's information desk), if you want to tell them what you think...

Dear prospective PCC student, please search Google for the umpteen PCC students who have been mistreated, expelled, banned from graduating and treated like garbage by PCC leadership, before you end up a victim too. Look before you leap! If you want a GREAT Bible college, check out Commonwealth Baptist College in Lexington, KY (they are a citywide soulwinning church and Bible college, but PCC is not. Also, PCC denies that the King James Bible is inspired, but Commonwealth Baptist College teaches that the King James Bible is inspired). PCC can only train you to be a religious academic, but you won't grow into the soulwinning, people-loving, real human being that God desires for you to be. If you want to become a religious robot that hates, rejects and refuses to give a second chance to those who offend you, as they are doing to me right now, then PCC is your vice.

I speak from the heart. People just want to be loved. I have four adult children of my own. Do you really want to attend a religious college with those kind of people running things? Do you want them influencing you spiritually? Do you really want to become like them? My name is David J. Stewart. I graduated from Hyles-Anderson College (1985-1993) with a degree in Pastoral Theology. I have no regrets and love my home college and Pastor Jack Hyles (1926-2001). But I wouldn't recommend HAC today, because they have horribly changed for the worse since 2008, now denying the inspiration of the King James Bible. The infamous atheist Voltaire said:

“The Bible is not the inspired, inerrant and 100% historically true words of God. ...If we would destroy the Christian religion, we must first of all destroy man’s belief in the Bible.” —Voltaire (French philosopher, 1694-1778)

It is vitally important that you only attend a Bible college that actually believes we have an inspired Holy Bible today. God only authored One Book, not hundreds!

Dr. Hyles loved his enemies and gave people second chances, and third, and fourth, et cetera. Jesus called Judas (who betrayed Him), "Friend." Either you love everyone or else you love no one. You won't learn that at PCC, you will learn to hate those who offend you, and to reject them. Something is very wrong with the leadership at Campus Church and PCC.

Hey, ask them about me at Campus Church and PCC. They hate my guts (although they won't admit it), but I love them anyway with God's love. They're mad at me because I dared to criticize their pastor on social media. I'm only human. Titus 1:9-14 commands Christian men to REBUKE THEM SHARPLY who preach a false gospel. But the pastors of Campus Church think they are above the inspired Word of God. They falsely preach that “repentance is a change of mind resulting in a change of behavior.” That is totally unbiblical. I kindly confronted Pastor Redlin on July 22, 2021 about this false doctrine being taught at Campus Church. In his arrogance, Jeff Redlin defended their false teaching. I had first heard this horrible heresy taught by Pastor Timothy Zacharias the night before on Wednesday at Bible study. That was after we were all tortured to watch a heretical Ken Ham Young Earth Creation (YEC) video. Aarrgghh!

Pastor Jeff Redlin Is Not A Nice Person!

Sadly, you cannot correct the arrogant leaders at PCC, they view themselves as gangstas. They are the PCC gods, whom you dare not oppose. PCC is a religious authoritarian cult!!! They have religion at PCC. They have the culture and fancy orchestra. They have the big shots in the local community. They have tens of millions of dollars in revenues. PCC has hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate.

Pastor Jeff Redlin has made some very foolish “consequential” decisions himself:

  1. Redlin wickedly bids Godspeed to the accursed Harvest Baptist Church on Guam and Bob Jones University camp (2nd John 1:11). Although Harvest tries to hide their beliefs to appear as neutral, they are BJU infidels, preaching the Devil's lies of Calvinism, Lordship Salvation and the accursed “turn from your sin” damnable heresy.
  2. Redlin defends his Satanic falsehood that repentance will result in a change of behavior. That is not the Gospel. It is the indwelling Holy Spirit (Christ in us - Romans 8:9), who changes out life, as we yield to Him, and allow Jesus to live the Christian life through us (Galatians 2:20; 5:22-25).
  3. Redlin falsely accused my ministry of 'finding weaknesses in preachers.' God will hold Pastor Redlin accountable for wickedly scolding my life's work exposing wickedness in false prophets. He had nothing god to say about my ministry in 2021. Whereas I am earnestly contending for the Christian faith (Jude 1:3), Jeff Redlin is in bed spiritually fornicating with Calvinists and infidels at BJU and Harvest Baptist Church on Guam; who preach Lordship Salvation and use, sell and promote the Devil's bibles. Mr. Redlin and PCC have much blood on their hands!!!
  4. Redlin has banned me in 2022 from attending Campus Church, even though I offered to do whatever is required to make peace with the PCC family. PCC are an indoctrinated group of religious zealots, hypocrites, who selectively choose who is relevant and who is not. Their leaders are sinful respecters of persons. If I were the mayor of Pensacola, Pastor Redlin would show unlimited mercy and chances to come back to church. But I am just a nobody with a website ministry in his carnal eyes. God will hold Redlin accountable for his hypocrisy.
  5. Redlin abused me emotionally when I attended Campus Church. When I kindly introduced myself to him, taking 5 hours to compose an email (of reasonable length), he replied by scolding me that I mentioned in my letter hoping to find a wife at Campus Church. I wish Jeff Redlin could have his wife taken away from him, and be all alone for 15 years, and then have some a$$hole pious jerk-off pastor piss on him (as he did to my feelings). Unfortunately, abusive people almost never suffer the same type of abusive behavior that they inflict upon their victims.

It doesn't matter that I am trying to make peace with PCC, or that I have apologized to all of them repeatedly at PCC, or that I promised them to do what I can to make things right with PCC, they still REFUSE. I will make peace with them anytime they choose. Please don't let them get away with their hatred, by rewarding them for ostracizing hurting people like me, forbidding me from attending Campus Church. They are behaving like a cult, not God's children. It is a false type of forgiveness when you refuse to allow someone to attend church. How can sinners get right with God if they are not permitted to come to church? Sadly, Campus Church is NOT a real New Testament church, it is a damned worship center for PCC students and cult minions. The PCC cult demands absolutely loyalty to their authoritarian leaders.

Pensacola Christian College Is A Spiritually Dead, Money-Oriented, Religious Cult

Pensacola Christian College (PCC) is in bed spiritually fornicating with the Calvinist Bob Jones University (BJU) camp. BJU preaches the damnable heresy of Lordship Salvation. BJU uses, sells and promotes the Devil's bibles. Harvest Baptist Church on Guam is straddling the fence, appeasing both colleges, which is why they removed their plan of salvation from their website, because PCC and BJU are preaching two very different, conflicting and opposing gospels. If you think that coming to God as a needy sinner and putting your faith in Jesus Christ is not enough to be saved, YOU ARE NOT SAVED! If you think that you must repent “of your sins,” and turn away from a lifestyle of sinning to get to Heaven, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO HEAVEN! Sadly, PCC doesn't care about right doctrine, they just go along with the demonic Bob Jones camp and bid them Godspeed. Clearly, the LOVE OF MONEY is the culprit. They are all making unbelievable amounts of filthy lucre, letting truth take a backseat to making more money. SHAME on Jeff Redlin! SHAME on Tim Zacharias! SHAME on PCC leadership!!! SHAME on anyone who support that's apostasy! God is on my side, because I am TELLING THE TRUTH.

Look at this ungodly Satanic garbage that is being taught at Bob Jones University today! If you think this is not our business, you are a fool of fools!!! Pastor Sean Quinlan at the Lighthouse Baptist Church on Guam (the fool quit in 2018, thankfully, and went back to work at the cult at PCC), scolded me for saying: “Bob Jones University sells corruptible seed” (Devil's bibles). I was saddened to learn how woefully ignorant Pastor Quinlan really is, and how full of pride and haughty arrogance he is. PCC donated $25,000 to help Sean Quinlan's cult on Guam, teaching that to be saved you must “turn away from your sinful ways.” Dear reader, Calvinism is not the gospel, but is being taught in 95% of Baptist churches today. PCC is silent about it, just waiting for the plane to crash, while they do nothing to stop it. It is wicked!

In 2021 Jeff Redlin, that arrogant fool at Campus Church, rebuked me for “finding weaknesses in preachers.” Jeff Redlin is a darn fool. The truth is that my website ministry exposes WICKEDNESS in preachers! The PCC camp are far more interested in making money, than they are offending false prophets in the Bob Jones camp who send them students. The LOVE OF MONEY is the big problem, just as the Word of God warns in 1st Timothy 6:10. Pastor Redlin gets paid well over $100,000 a year. Do you think he is going to jeopardize his cushy job? That is why that wicked man refuses to let me attend Campus Church. I offered to do whatever is required to reconcile with the PCC family, but they are rotten people who follow their cult leaders at all cost. I am guilty of thinking for myself. I LIVE!!!

I am not for sake like Jeff Redlin is. That coward is bought and paid for by the PCC cult, having sold his soul to be a good little boy and do as he is told. Meanwhile, BJU are sending people to Hell, but you'll never hear a word of rebuke publicly against BJU or the damned Harvest Baptist Church cult on Guam (that Marty Herron destroyed with his ungodly damnable heresy of Lordship Salvation). I'm just getting started exposing PCC. I spent a couple hours yesterday bad mouthing PCC on YouTube videos, and I have thousands more to comment on, all over social media everywhere I can, to warn everybody I can about PCC. If you want blood, you got it! PCC makes me want to quit and give up on my website ministry, but I know better to look at a$$holes at Pensacola Christian College (who love the Goddamned hellbound Bob Jones camp so much). I'm supposed to keep my eyes on Jesus (Hebrews 12:2). All I wanted was to quietly attend Campus Church, but they cruelly refused. I have offended the gods at PCC.

So FUDDRUCKER YOU PCC! If you don't want to be friends, I'll be your enemy! I am only one VOICE, going up against a failed institution with hundreds of millions of dollars in real state, tens of millions of dollars in revenues, thousands of students and church members. PCC is a cesspool of wickedness, religious hypocrisy, having the letter of the law without the spirit of God's love for people. They only love their own who have big wallets!!! I am as the shepherd boy David going up against Goliath at PCC, but God plus one man equals a majority!!! I will be a thorn in PCC's side from now on, since they refuse to make peace. Hatred only begets more hatred Jeff Redlin, and you are God's enemy, a hateful brutish religious hypocrite. Anytime you want to make peace, crawl out of your crib and contact me.

Pastors' Jeff Redlin and Timothy Zacharias at PCC are teaching doctrines of devils at PCC, who have perverted the meaning of "repentance" to mean "a change of mind which results in change of behavior." That is heresy! They are confusing people, misleading them to think they are not saved if their behavior hasn't changed. That is not the free gift of God. This is what happens when PCC lays down with the dogs at BJU and Harvest Baptist Cult on Guam, they now have been infected with diseased fleas. I'll continue to stand alone if I have to, but I will REBUKE THEM SHARPLY as the Bible commands believers to do in Titus 1:9-14.

Regardless of what lies they may say at PCC, God knows that all I asked from them was permission to attend their Campus Church. Only a coward who is not right with God, or a hateful unforgiving person who is not right with God, would completely ignore someone who has pleaded three times for their love, understanding and forgiveness. The ball is in their court at PCC, and they are dropping it horribly. The only logical reason why I haven't heard anything back from Campus Church or PCC, is because THEY LOVE MONEY more than they love hurting people like me. People just want to be loved. My 20-year faithful website ministry means nothing to them at PCC, as I expose the corrupt (accursed by God - Galatians 1:8-9) Bob Jones University camp; while meanwhile PCC caters to them, wickedly bidding them Godspeed. RIGHT DOCTRINE MATTERS!

I have a few hypocritical web visitors who will complain that I linked to an AC/DC music video in this article (get over it), but they are okay with the Goddamned Bob Jones University camp (including the sickening Harvest Baptist Church cult on Guam) who preach the Devil's Lordship Salvation. I don't take crap from web visitors anymore, I just block people out (but I always take back people who apologize). I don't have time for idiots and haters. Go criticize someone else who doesn't give a damn. I CARE!!! Wake up if that is you, you're being stupid like Jeff Redlin! I am sick and tired of being labeled as the bad guy, when I am the only one is exposing the wicked PCC and BJU camps for committing spiritual adultery with each other, all for THE LOVE OF MONEY!!!

If anyone wants to let Pastor Jeff Redlin know what you think, here is his email:

People Just Want To Be Loved folks! I learned that precious TRUTH from a dear preacher whom I love and admire, Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr., who wisely said: “Human Beings Just Want To Be Loved... Just Love The Hell Out Of Them!” Jeff Redlin sadly doesn't know what real love is! Pastor Redlin could learn a thing or two from Pastor Jenkins. I humbly came to Campus Church hungry to love and hopefully be loved back, but instead I was kicked in the head and left for dead, after being thrown under the bus by their rotten senior pastor. SHAME on Jeff Redlin! The Problem Is Not That Campus Church Is Too BIG, It Is That Jeff Redlin's Heart Is Too SMALL. Thank you for reading my heartfelt words. I love you all with Christ's love. To God be the glory!

They drew first blood, like Rambo says. I just wanted a meal at church, but they refused. I just asked if I could go to church, but the shameful pastors of Campus Church and leaders at PCC refused. What does that say about them? It confirms that they are just a bunch of cold-hearted academic types, not church builders, who woefully lack God's compassion for people. Tyranny is rarely seen except by those oppressed by it. Jeff Redlin is a tyrant, big man on campus, who woefully lacks God's love! Everyone should be welcomed at church!!! PCC makes me sick.

All I wanted was to quietly attend Campus Church. I offered (and my offer still stands) to do whatever they require to make peace. They won't budge. Really great Christians, huh?

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