Shameless Promotion of Sexual Immorality

By Cal Thomas

       A decade ago, I was guest on Merv Griffin’s show. Another guest was a woman who said she was a lesbian.

I listed for her, sexual behavior I felt was unwise, even immoral, and asked her to stop me when she felt I had gone too far. When I got to necrophilia and she did not protest, the audience gasped.

Although that moment illuminated only one person’s seemingly limitless tolerance for all forms of sexual behavior, I thought of it as I watched the hundreds of thousands of homosexuals and bisexuals who marched in Washington. Is this it? If these people achieve their stated objectives (which include not only the right to marry and to adopt, but lowering the age of consent and allowing gays in the military), will this be the end? Or will other petitioners emerge demanding that their preferences or orientation receive similar treatment?

The open celebration of homosexuality represents the final disconnect from a personal God. If the barrier against societal acceptance of homosexuality falls, there will be no other that can stand. How can pedophiles be kept at bay if their "brothers" and "sisters" are liberated?

When Alexander Solzhenitsyn sought an explanation for the ruinous revolution that decimated his native Russia, he recalled what those who lived through the Bolshevik takeover had said: "Men have forgotten God, that’s why all these things happened." Solzhenitsyn admitted that after decades of study, he could offer no better explanation.

That’s why it is necessary to oppose behavior one believes is objectively wrong and counterproductive to the society that tolerates it and to the person who practices it.

The shameless promotion of sexual immorality in the streets of our nation’s capital and the public blessing bestowed on it by the president are the latest in a mountain of evidence that proves this nation has forgotten God and is exposing itself to the grave consequences that historically have followed spiritual amnesia. A common malady of many nations that collapsed internally before being conquered externally was a melting of the moral resolve.

Homosexual practice can not be seen in isolation from other unraveling societal threads: 30 million abortions and counting, broken families, drive-by shootings, riots, drug abuse, a pornography explosion, overflowing prisons, teen suicides–the list goes on. These are reflections, not causes, of a descent into decadence.

Communists outlawed pornography, homosexuality and other forms of sexual looseness. They knew that sex is a powerful force that, if misused, can bring down a nation faster than any invader.

Theologian Carl Henry, who has lived through eight of this century’s decades, has written, "No society that disregards ethical finalities can long postpone ignominious collapse."

When a nation loses its power to resist immorality, it is headed for serious trouble. If America continues to decline, it won’t be because of a faltering economy it will be for the same reason Solzhenitsyn observed in his land: "Men have forgotten God; that’s why all these things happened."

~ Los Angeles Times Syndicate Condensed from Newspaper column

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